Affordable & Powerful UC Business Phone System

Meet Switchvox:
A Unified Communications Phone System for Smart, Modern Businesses

Switchvox is designed for businesses just like yours. With enterprise grade features, an all-inclusive pricing model, and an award-winning design, Switchvox isn’t just another VoIP business phone system. 

Switchvox is the smarter way for your business to take advantage of Unified Communications (UC) and collaboration tools – without a high price tag. Features like chat, video chat, quick dial, status, presence, and call rules all work together to allow your staff and clients to interact more efficiently.

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All Features Included

Switchvox brings auto parts manufacturer, ELSA, out of the dark ages while saving them more than $110,000 over 10 years.

“If a call to the main system got dropped, hung-up on, or no one ever picked up, we used to have to determine whether it was worth a $700-plus tech call. If someone says that happens today, we can go into the call logs and find that call.”

“When you look at cost savings, it is things like that which add to the overall savings with Switchvox.”

– Bob Bakehorn, ELSA Information Systems Group Leader

Unified Communications Product of the Year

Switchvox was awarded for being one of the most innovative unified communications products and solutions available over the past twelve months.

“Every year, I am more and more impressed by the innovative options available to clients in search of unified communications solutions. The 2021 winners are literally driving the industry forward and I can’t wait to monitor the continued success of these companies producing incredible solutions.” - Rich Tehrani - CEO, TMC

Unified Communications Your Way

Switchvox is a truly scalable and flexible Unified Communications platform. With seamless integration with IP phones, SIP trunks, PSTN connectivity, and collaboration and productivity features, choose from any of the following ways to deploy your solution.


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Switchvox provides significant technology upgrades that reduce costs and address security measures in schools.

“We were pretty tight on a budget when it came to buying a new telephone solution, but in the end, we came in about 10% below that budget, so it all worked out great from our standpoint,”

“[Teachers] can call and receive calls on demand rather than having a receptionist track them down or leave messages. They even have voicemail-to-email integration so they never have to lose a call if they are in the meeting.”

– Jeffrey Williams, Gettysburg Area School District Technology Coordinator. 

Solutions for Any Industry

Communication is an integral part of schools and they need an affordable, easy-to-use technology that enables it. Switchvox is more than a basic school phone system that simply answers calls. It helps connect teachers, staff members, and parents.

Maintaining clear communications and excellent customer service within an automobile dealership can be a challenge. With Switchvox UC phone system, auto dealers have access to a robust set of features to ensure quality customer service at all times.

With Switchvox,  you can avoid the bottleneck of appointment scheduling, prescription refills, and patient calls. Connect staff and patients in minutes, respond faster, have patient data at your fingertips from your office or from your mobile phone.

Government agencies are often tasked with balancing the need for an advanced communications system with the reality of diminishing budgets. Switchvox provides the solutions to these difficult problems to turn your office into a dynamic workforce.

Clients are the number one priority for professional service offices, and a missed phone call could mean a missed revenue opportunity. Switchvox is proven to  improve customer experience and employee satisfaction simultaneously.

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A Complete Solution

Complete your Switchvox business phone system with P-Series IP phones and the Switchvox Softphone app for iPhone and Android. Sangoma handsets and softphone apps provide best-in-case functionality at a fraction of the cost you’d expect. 

P-Series IP phones are built with quality, featuring full-color displays, programmable buttons, and high-quality audio.

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