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Connected Workspaces Let Teams Collaborate Anytime, Anywhere - Sangoma's Connected Workspace

Today’s employees are not tethered to a desk. They work from home, coffee shops, and airports. And they expect the same ease of use when it comes to access to internal applications and data without any loss in performance. Connected Workspace is a secure, flexible, and maintenance-free end-user cloud desktop solution you can access anywhere.

Connected Workspace takes the end-user desktop computing environment and turns it into a cloud-hosted service, essentially giving each user their own cloud PC with our suite of communication services – including voice, video, and messaging.

With connected workspaces, users access all their tools and applications by simply opening a web browser on any device that has an internet connection and signing into their own personal desktop. Connected workspaces provide hybrid workforces with mobile device management, infrastructure management, web security, collaboration tools, and more.

Connected Workspace


Connected workspaces let you add or remove cloud desktops, including tools and applications, instantly.

Anywhere Access with Any Device

Users access their office applications, MS Windows desktop, and communication tools using any device over any internet connection.


With Connected Workspace you receive built-in ransomware and virus protection, including Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and encryption, ensuring safe access to your corporate network for your hybrid or remote workforce.

Simplified IT

Enjoy ease of use with no on-site PCs or infrastructure to maintain or replace, instant onboarding/offboarding of user desktops environments, and centralized policy deployment across your entire organization.

The Power of Connected Workspaces

Connected Workspace offers both simplicity and security, while eliminating the cost of owning and maintaining on-site hardware. Help your IT department stay forward-thinking with:

  • No physical workstations to provision, deploy or maintain. No software licenses to deal with and no IT support required
  • The ability for users to reset their own passwords
  • Pain-free onboarding with just a few clicks

Save Money with Sangoma's Connected Workspace

Reduce infrastructure and labor costs for your business:

  • Eliminate PC Refresh – Users can log into their desktops using any device with internet access. All the computing power is streamed down from the cloud infrastructure.
  • Cloud-based servers eliminate hardware upgrades and operational costs.

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Connected Workspaces provide Disaster Recovery

Ensure seamless operations:

  • Secure, cloud-hosted desktops protect your data in the event of device failure, fire, flood or other catastrophic scenarios
  • Users can continue to work, logging into any device of their choice, from anywhere, anytime.


Create a secure virtual desktop environment for your local and remote staff with Connected Workspace:

  • Users access their account over a multi-factor authentication (MFA) connection, protecting against malicious account activity.
  • Built-in ransomware protection and around-the-clock virus monitoring enables automatic recovery procedures in the case of a breach.
  • Lockdown policies prevent Copy/Paste and downloading corporate data to the host device.

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Connected Workspaces Enable Easy Remote Working

Centralized infrastructure makes it easy for users to login from any device:

  • Setup users with a complete cloud desktop in minutes, and let them log into their accounts instantly.
  • The connection from the users’ device is secured and encrypted, eliminating any worries about using personal devices.
  • The bandwidth-efficient user dashboard in Connected Workspace allows users to work even over a 3G wireless connection.

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