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Offering the largest DID network and coverage in North America.

Coverage, reliability, and competitive pricing that the ‘large telcos’ offer without the contracts and hassle.

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Sangoma offers aggressive wholesale rates on carrier services that include everything from origination, termination, and SMS/MMS to advanced services such as E911 and Telecom Fraud Mitigation. Our innovative BackOffice Portal enables access to more than a dozen Tier 1 Telecom providers in one place with built-in management tools that include Online Local Number Porting, an endless DID Warehouse, SIP Trunking management, and much more. We enable you to spend your time on growing your business instead of spending countless hours juggling multiple vendor accounts, contracts, and portals.

What can you do with Sangoma VI Communication Services?

Wholesale Platform for Communication Services


  • Stop juggling multiple commitments. Fully transparent BackOffice allows you to purchase DIDs from the Tier I carriers you want without having to worry about balancing your minimums.
  • The extensive coverage you need. Our extensive local coverage map covers the US48, Canada, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.
  • Looking for more control? We operate as a CLEC to provide you with up to the minute port-out notifications and manual port activations for your numbers.
  • Which carriers are the best? Our crowd-sourced vendor performance rankings cut out the noise and helps you choose the networks that work best for your needs.


  • You want Toll-Free coverage? We got it. We provide Toll-Free DIDs in the US, Canada, and we even have international options available.
  • The redundancy your business demands. We offer Toll-Free redundancy with multiple Tier 1 underlying carriers to ensure your numbers are working regardless of the situation.
  • Endless Stock. Endless Options. As a Toll-Free RespOrg (Responsible Organization), we provide you with direct access to SOMOS and their available Toll-Free number inventory.


  • Become a worldwide provider. We provide you with access to DIDs in more than 60 countries.
  • Compliance made easy. Our intuitive DID Wizard helps you to stay compliant and keeps you up to date with ever-changing regulations for every country.

Additional Features

  • Robust and easy to use APIs allow you to bring your favorite aspects of the Sangoma BackOffice directly to your customers.
  • Extensive search tools help you discover the DIDs you’re looking for. Prioritize your search based on the carrier, pricing tier, or area that you’re looking for while taking advantage of auto fulfillment settings so that your high-demand areas always stay in stock.
  • The add-ons your customers demand. Caller ID, E911, Email to Fax, and much, much more.
  • Customizable dashboards and reporting allow you to prioritize the information that you deem essential to your business.
call origination


A dozen Tier 1 origination providers. One simple, easy to use portal.


  • Access to multiple Tier I carriers in one place. Stop worrying about spreading your traffic out to hit your monthly minimums. Sangoma gives you access to the carriers you’re looking for under one roof.
  • The aggressive rates you need to win business. Our competitive, wholesale pricing ensures that your business can resell our termination services with comfortable profit margins.
  • Take control of your outbound traffic. Sangoma offers a wide selection of outbound rate decks, tailored for your needs.
  • Unique traffic requires unique solutions. Sangoma provides call center and faxing/T38 focused solutions that routes calls to vendors that are equipped to reliably complete specialized traffic. Ask us about our T.38 rate deck that has a 99.9% completion rate!


  • The international coverage your customers are looking for. Sangoma provides A-Z international termination to both fixed and mobile destinations in more than 200 countries and territories.
  • Personalize your offering while protecting your network. Customizable spend limits and the ability to activate/deactivate international termination on a per-trunk basis ensure that you are limiting your liability and keeping your network safe.


High completion rates. Outstanding quality. Competitive low prices.

SMS Advantages

  • Provision any number, any time. Provision SMS with any DID. Yes, you read that right. Provision SMS with any number, whether it’s with Sangoma or not.
  • Looking for APIs? We got ’em. SMS APIs provide the foundation for your innovative messaging applications. Why pay for a two-factor authentication system when you can cut costs and build your own?
  • Multiple solutions for a variety of needs. Not ready to jump into the API yet? Take advantage of our Email-to-SMS/SMS-to-Email and SMS forwarding features. Available at no extra cost in the BackOffice.


The most aggressive messaging rates in the industry.

E911 Advantages

  • Compatible with any number, regardless of the network. Not quite ready to move your numbers to Sangoma? No problem at all. You can still use us as your E911 provider at no additional cost.
  • Your numbers provisioned your way. Sangoma makes provisioning your numbers with E911 an absolute breeze in the BackOffice. Prefer to get things done through an API? We got you covered there too.
  • Customizable alerts for you and your customers. Our SMS and email alerts notify designated recipients any time 911 is dialed; an essential offering for residential and business customers alike.
  • Monitor Your 911-Enabled Locations. Location Monitoring enhances our 911 SMS alerts by including dial-in details that allow the emergency contacts to silently listen in on the active call. In addition, contacts can reply to the SMS alert to create a group chat between all contacts linked to that location. Location Monitoring is ideal for organizations such as schools, hospitals, or office buildings.


The most essential reliability for the most essential service.

Hosted Billing Advantages

  • Get paid your way. Set up fully customizable payment terms, top-ups, spending limits, and more for each client’s account.
  • Bill any service you want. Sure, our billing system is designed for VoIP, but why stop there? Bill your customers for any monthly service, one-time charge, or utility usage that you want, whether it’s related to telecom or not.
  • Create professional, concise invoices. Few things are as oddly satisfying as a professional looking invoice. Sangoma’s intuitive wizard will get you up and running with your desired logo, color scheme, and feel within minutes.
  • Taxes made easy. Take advantage of the built-in tax module and automate your tax worries away.
  • Fully compatible with every provider. We support call record imports from any and all VoIP providers.
  • Get the head start you’re looking for. Fast-track your startup by taking advantage of our Billing system’s full integration with the End User Portal and save your business months of research and development time.
  • Take advantage of a 2-month free trial. We understand what kind of a commitment a new billing system is. Don’t like what you’re seeing from us? Cancel before the trial ends with zero penalties.
Hosted Billing

Hosted Billing

A billing system built for VoIP providers, by VoIP providers.

Fraud Mitigation. How do we do it?

  • We’re always on the lookout. Our innovative Fraud Protection system analyzes your traffic and identifies abnormalities as soon as they start happening.
  • We get the right people involved. Fully customizable SMS and email alerts ensure that your best people are notified as soon as trouble starts happening.
  • International fraud? Not on our watch. We stop fraudulent international traffic in its tracks by setting daily spend limits for each of your trunks. We’ll shut things down as soon as you hit the configured limit.
  • Did something get by us? We’ll foot the bill. We don’t mess around when it comes to combatting international fraud. If your traffic goes over the limit you configured, we’ll take care of the bill, no questions asked.
Fraud Mitigation

Fraud Mitigation

The security blanket your business has been looking for.

End User Portal Advantages

  • Like the award-winning BackOffice? We think your users will too. The Brandable End User Portal has most of the functionality that the BackOffice has, presented in a streamlined and efficient experience for your customers.
  • They’ll never know it’s us.  A generic link and the ability to customize the portal with your logo and color scheme ensures that your users will be none the wiser.
  • Get as granular as you want. Only want your customers to set Caller ID? Don’t want them to see DIDs in a particular rate center? Our intuitive management tools allow you to customize the experience on a per-customer and per-login basis.
  • Your users can get started in minutes. Set the email, set the permissions, and you’re done. They’ll be up and running in no time.
  • Full integration with Sangoma’s Hosted Billing solution. Your customers will be able to log in, view their usage, and even pay off their balances, which go directly to your bank account without any additional fees.
End User Portal

End User Portal

Saving you time and resources by empowering your customers.

Custom Fit Your Communications with APIs

Add real-time voice, video, messaging, and more into your VoIP, web, and mobile services. No CapEx. No contracts. Pay as you grow. 100% freedom to build what you want.

Discover How to Set Your Business Apart with Value-based Technology Bundles from Sangoma

For small communications service providers, managing robust hosted solutions is an attractive way to secure monthly recurring revenue. By adding paired services and accessories from the same vendor, these MSPs can set themselves apart from the competition while benefiting from better integrations, support, and complementary feature sets.
In this newest white paper from KelCor, learn what industry analysts have to say about Sangoma’s competitively-priced technology bundles, which allow service providers to obtain all elements of a complete UC service from a single vendor.

A Solution for EVERY Partner

Discover why industry analysts consider Sangoma the modern approach to wholesale SIP trunking.

Why Sangoma VI Communication Services

Leave the vendor management to us.

Sangoma’s unique offering allows you to consolidate your business without sacrificing the carrier choice that is essential to thrive in the telecom industry.

Save money for your business.

New partners of Sangoma take advantage of flexible port pricing so that you’re not breaking the bank to move your numbers to our network.

Just getting started?

Sangoma is the only telecom vendor that provides startups and small businesses with billing and end user solutions that are tailor-made for their needs. Taking advantage of our solutions can save you months of research and development time.
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