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Discover if retail or wholesale SIP trunking is right for your business.

Why SIP Trunking?

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SIP Trunks are Easy to Configure and Maintain

Self-serve portal makes it easy to configure, add services, and manage your account.

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SIP Trunks Reduce Costs

Pay only for the channels you need and eliminate long distance charges.


SIP Trunks are Reliable

Redundant networks ensure your services are always up and working.

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SIP Trunks Offers Business Continuity

Remote Call Forwarding automatically directs calls to mobile phones or other locations in the event of a phone service outage.

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Up and Going Fast with SIP Trunk

Set up or change SIP trunks with just a few clicks, eliminating the weeks or months it takes to set up traditional phone lines.

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SIP Trunk Solutions Allow You to Consolidate Infrastructure

With SIP trunking, your voice traffic travels over your data network. Goodbye PRI and analog lines!

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Reduce Your Telephony Costs Instantly

  • Low monthly rates
  • Consolidate voice and data into one network
  • Pay only for trunks you need
  • Reduce hardware costs associated with traditional channels
  • Connect to existing legacy systems

See how much you can save on your monthly phone bill right now

SIP Trunking Features with SIPStation

See how you can benefit from Sangoma’s SIP Trunking Service, SIPStation.


SIPStation's channelized rate plan is perfect for businesses that prefer a set monthly phone bill.

Unlimited inbound and outbound local and long distance calls on a per channel, per call basis.

Channels can always be added for more capacity.

Starting at $19.99/month per channel

Use or resell many SIP trunks? Discover the Modern Approach to Wholesale SIP Trunking!


End-to-End Connectivity with Sangoma Products

SIPStation gives your company the ability to enjoy an end-to-end SIP Trunk solution. 

With affordable SIP trunks, powerful UC solutions, and high quality IP phones, Sangoma provides the total communication solution for your organization.

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