Network Connectivity

Network Connectivity and Media Processing

The modern enterprise and service provider network is actually a diverse set of different communication networks.  While the predominant networks today are IP and LTE, legacy networks such as the PSTN, 3G wireless, ATM, and even modem dial-up are still in use.

Connection and security to these IP networks is paramount for many services to work most effectively because most communication applications, even natively-designed IP applications, need to connect to the “outside world.”

Sangoma has many different options and solutions to allow you navigate the world of connecting to and transporting voice and data among the different communication networks.

Sangoma Network Connectivity

Benefits of Network Connectivity

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Friendly and Future Proof​

Whether enterprise or service provider, connecting to legacy networks ensures you get the most of your communications infrastructure by keeping it deployed and active.

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System Security

On all IP communications infrastructure, you need to make sure your network is secure from threats arising from outside networks. As such, secure boundaries need to be applied.

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Cost Savings

 Gateways can be a cost-effective way to continue to utilize existing legacy infrastructure as your network infrastructure migrates to IP. 

Sangoma SBC Bundle

Session Border Controllers (SBCs)

A typical firewall can only protect your data network at the packet layer. Sangoma SBCs protect your data and voice networks at the application layer, allowing for reliable and secure voice traffic.

Additionally, Sangoma SBCs can automatically translate codecs and audio with built-in interoperability and transcoding capabilities.

VoIP Gateways

VoIP gateways translate legacy analog signals to SIP and vice versa, allowing the use of legacy telephony infrastructure and PSTN trunks with modern Unified Communications (UC) systems.

Sangoma offers a variety of best-in-class VoIP gateways, from small analog and BRI gateways to enterprise gateways and service provider SS7-to-SIP gateways.

Digital Gateway Web Stack

SIP Trunking

Sangoma’s SIP trunking can reduce your telephony costs and deliver a higher standard of service to your business by replacing traditional phone lines. 

Save on your telephony bill with lower rates for local and long distance, and simplify your communications into a single data connection. And with Remote Call Forwarding (RCF) capabilities, you can still receive phone calls even if your phone system is unavailable.

See how Sangoma can help you meet your network connectivity and media processing needs 

Telephony Cards

Telephony cards connect communication applications running on a server to the PSTN network. Sangoma’s award-winning telephony cards are trusted to power the world’s leading PBX, IVR, and call center applications. 

Renowned for their premium quality and dependability, Sangoma’s telephony cards are also the most flexible on the market with superior compatibility in most commercially-available servers and motherboards. 

Sangoma a142-a144 Serial Synchronous Interface Cards
Sangoma Media Transcoding Cards Group

Media Transcoding

Telephony applications commonly require the use of multiple voice codecs, used to digitally compress voice signals and save on bandwidth. VoIP infrastructure needs the capability to mediate between endpoints supporting different codecs.


Sangoma SBCs, as well as a selection of Sangoma VoIP gateways and telephony cards, include media transcoding functionality in addition to signaling capability. In addition, Sangoma offers dedicated media transcoding cards for applications that only need voice media transcoding.

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