How SmartOffice™ Works

The SmartOffice™ Environment

SmartOffice Access uses Sangoma’s UC Cloud and phone system integration to leverage user credential information for auto-provisioning and user management, over the SmartOffice Cloud service. On-site IoT devices control door entry and deliver status information back to mobile app users.

The user of wireless IoT devices allows SmartOffice Access to scale as your company grows, not limiting the number of wireless doors or mobile users.

The SmartOffice Manager is available as
a software module for customers using
on-premise FreePBX phone systems

The SmartOffice Solution is Comprised of 4 Components:

The SmartOffice Manager

Controls user permissions and license management. Available as a hardware appliance and optionally as a software module for FreePBX/PBXact on-premise systems.
sangoma smartoffice appliance
Sangoma Smartoffice cloud service

The SmartOffice Cloud Service

Control the locking and unlocking of doors from your mobile device.

The SmartOffice Mobile App

Enables users to securely unlock and lock doors, wherever they are, using their cellular or WiFi connection.

Sangoma Smartoffice Mobile App
smartoffice line of products

Hardware Components

SmartOffice includes all the components necessary to control your office doors from the mobile app.

Powerful Integration

The SmartOffice Manager utilizes the FreePBX User Management module for quick and easy import of user credentials into the SmartOffice manager to expedite setup and installation.

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SmartOffice is integrated within the FreePBX and PBXact ecosystem to deliver 
automatic user provisioning, user management and permission control.

Simple, Easy, and Convenient. It's Just Smart!

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