Intuitive Door Access Control

SmartOffice Access uses IoT technologies and a Cloud-based provisioning service to deliver affordable and easy to use door access control and convenient premise monitoring.

Employees are onboarded via an invitation email where they follow simple instructions to download the mobile app and instantly sign-in.

Sangoma Access Control Security Phone App Interface

SmartOffice Simplifies Your Workplace

Easy Onboarding

Once administrators enable users, employees receive an invitation email on their mobile devices with simple instructions to download the app and automatically log in.

Cloud-based Software

Centralized door access control provides scalable management for all your office locations.

Mobile Access Convenience

Employees gain access to controlled doors using the SmartOffice Access app installed on the iOS or Android devices they already use, creating a safer environment for employees. Plus, administrators can manage door access remotely, over cellular or WiFi connectivity, ensuring security from anywhere.

Better Workplace Security

Mobile access leverages device biometric security, like FaceID or TouchID, as well as Cloud-based authentication, to ensure only authorized users gain access to door entry.

Flexible Access

Use the SmartOffice Access app for door entry, or your existing key card or fob with your door readers, or use a mixture of both.

Integrated or Standalone

SmartOffice Access leverages IoT technology to deliver a fully wireless Access Control as a Service (ACaaS) or seamless operation with your already installed access control system, or both at the same time.

Remote Management

Add users, adjust permissions, or disable access, from anywhere.

The SmartOffice Difference

Less Hardware and No Extra
Wiring Required

SmartOffice can create a completely wireless ACaaS solution for new businesses just starting out, in a low-cost, simple, and inexpensive to install configuration. It is also flexible enough to be deployed in businesses with existing traditional door access systems, making use of already-installed locks, without adding any extra wiring and associated costs.

Affordable and Easy to Use​

The use of IoT technology eliminates wiring and hardware costs, and using a Cloud-based infrastructure, users gain door entry using a mobile app, either over WiFi or cellular connectivity.

User Directory Integration​

Integration within your business’ user directory allows SmartOffice to intuitively configure user permissions and enable automatic provisioning via emails to users’ mobile devices.

The SmartOffice Environment

SmartOffice Access consists of on-site doors and sensors, leveraging IoT technology, connected to the Cloud-based SmartOffice infrastructure, which employees access via their smartphone mobile app for door entry.
SmartOffice Diagram

The Mobile App

SmartOffice Features

Cardless Access Control

Employees gain entry via a mobile app for iOS and Android smartphones using existing wireless networks for maximum flexibility.

Autoprovisioning of users

SmartOffice is integrated with the business’ phone system user directory enabling secure identification and auto-provisioning for all users.

Improves Office Security

Using an encrypted Cloud service to authenticate every device and access attempt, SmartOffice also leverages the built-in security mechanisms of modern smartphones, like fingerprint and facial recognition.


Administrators of SmartOffice can be notified of who, when, and what has triggered an event, such as someone accessing the premises or motion sensor movement.

Remote Management

Access control administrators can control, monitor, and adjust SmartOffice configuration, directly from the mobile app, even when outside the network.

Works with Existing Access Control Systems

SmartOffice is compatible with existing key card access control systems, providing the flexibility of using both systems at the same time. *Check with your municipal building bylaws for compliance.

Have Existing Maglocks and Door Strikes?

SmartOffice is fully compatible with maglocks and doorstrikes, meaning businesses with existing access control systems can easily use SmartOffice to modernize their access control system. 

By leveraging your existing electrical wiring infrastructure, SmartOffice seamlessly connects all your door wiring using a small hardware module to transmit wired door access signals wirelessly to the SmartOffice system.

Enjoy huge cost savings with no fuss, no drilling, and no extra wiring!

*Check with your municipal building bylaws for compliance


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