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Designed to work with Sangoma’s Switchvox, PBXact, and FreePBX phone systems, the DC201 DECT phone package provides SMBs with high quality, wireless DECT that integrates into your phone system.

The DC201 DECT Base + Handset package supports up to 20 users, giving your staff and colleagues the freedom and efficiency of wireless.

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DECT IP Phone Applications



Staff can stay in touch with headquarters as they move around the factory floor.

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Co-workers can relay product information or check inventory instantly.

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Workers that need to communicate and require the highest level of security in a wireless transmission.

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Workers that need to rely on a strong rugged design of a handset when working in rough landscapes.

DECT IP Phone Features

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Protect your voice communications with TLS and SRTP encryption to guarantee your privacy and security.

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Auto Provisioning

Cut installation time with automatic configuration with Switchvox, PBXact, and FreePBX phone system.

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Long Range

Increased flexibility with up to 50 meters of indoor range between handset(s) and base station.

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Supports Additional Handsets

Supports Up to 20 DECT Cordless Handsets (Additional handsets sold separately).

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Multiple Calling

Increased productivity with up to 5 simultaneous phone calls.

talk time
Talk/Standby Time

Enjoy long-lasting handset power with up to 8-Hour Talk Time & 75-Hour Standby Time.

DECT IP Phone Specifications

D10 Handset

DB20 Base Station

DECT (Between Base and Handset)

DC201 Package Contents

Physical Specifications

DECT IP Phone Documentation


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