Packaged Applications

For Business Voice & Business Voice+

Enhance Your Communications With Ready-To-Go Applications

Extending the capabilities of your communications system should be straightforward, requiring minimal effort. To help our customers get the most out of their enterprise communications and collaboration solutions, we have created Packaged Applications for our most requested functionalities.
Contact Center Applications Illustration

Features & Benefits

Urgent Notify for Business Voice/Business Voice+

Keep all employees, customers, and contacts informed about urgent matters such as severe weather updates, canceled events, system outages, and more using our trigger-based alert platform.

Employee Alerts for Business Voice/Business Voice+

Text or email employees by departments or other grouping, or make company-wide announcements while tracking receipt and encouraging engagement.

Curbside Service for Business Voice/Business Voice+

Offer safe and efficient interactions for customers and employees with curbside messaging workflows.

CRM Integration for Business Voice/Business Voice+

Integrate your chosen CRM system with your Sangoma communications platform for a more seamless customer experience with your brand.

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