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Elevate The Customer Experience With Sangoma's Contact Center

Sangoma’s Contact Center is a complete inbound contact center solution that will keep your customers on the cutting edge with a comprehensive suite of features, including an easy-to-use, web-based interface that makes it simple to add queues and agents. With advanced and customizable features such as call routing, management and reporting, your customers will enjoy a streamlined experience that both improves customer satisfaction and boosts agent productivity.

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The Only Contact Center Solution Your Business Will Ever Need

Sangoma’s Contact Center solution is the end-to-end communications solution for all your contact center needs. Contact Center can be integrated with both Business Voice and Business Voice+ solutions, so you can easily bring together all your locations with one Unified Communications solution. In addition to increases in productivity, these advanced features will keep you ahead of the competition and industry trends with the most functional, reliable, and flexible tools all in one contact center solution.

Contact Center Solution Features & Benefits

Key Competitive Contact Center Solution Differentiators

  • 24/7 support across the United States
  • Integrates with analog devices
  • Key system emulation
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Flexible cloud or on-site solutions that ensure call quality, reliability and functionality
  • Free next-business-day parts replacement and software updates
  • Uses unique proprietary technology, eliminating the need for additional hardware
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Sangoma Contact Center Solution for Business Voice & Business Voice+

Mobility in Healthcare

Customer-facing, multi-location businesses lacking a unified approach to handling customer calls.

Provides a cloud-native platform with flexible deployment options, an advanced Contact Center solution and simplified billing, as well as end-to-end support for installation, hardware and ongoing maintenance from a single provider.

Access to metrics to properly gauge customer sentiment and experience.

Offers in-depth customer analytics to every department. The product includes infrastructure for all employees to optimize caller experience and engagement with customer brands, allowing them to base business decisions on hard analytics and data.
Customize and Track Call Campaigns with Unified Communications
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Remaining cost-effective without sacrificing functionality.

More cost-effective than many competitor contact center solutions, while still including all the bells and whistles of a complete inbound call center service. Contact Center can be bundled with other Sangoma products, allowing for additional savings.

Streamlining the managerial processes of the call center.

Easily manage queue performance by adjusting to changes in call volume, caller wait times and agent availability in real-time. Cultivate agent performance and effectiveness by gauging agent readiness, answer rate and talk time. 85% of customers report being satisfied with the Sangoma Contact Center solution.
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Wondering if you need a full blown Contact Center or if a departmental solution is right for you? Click here in order to find out the key differences between our Contact Center & Service Insight offerings.

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