Business Phone System Solutions For Financial Services

Financial Services

Sangoma leverages UCaaS solution, Business Voice and Business Voice+ to remedy
the unique challenges faced by financial services professionals


Accurate, immediate communications are absolutely critical in the world of finance, where a single wrong digit can cause millions in damages and everything can turn upside down in minutes. Sangoma guarantees 99.999% reliability so financial services professionals stay in contact with their organization or their clients. Sangoma even provides extensive disaster avoidance and recovery protections such as automatic backup and failover, and voicemail access from email so financial service professionals are never out of touch.



The nature of the financial services industry dictates that those involved must be able to communicate however the situation demands. In a single day, an agent may need to fax important documents, participate in a videoconference with upper management, and call a dozen or more clients on the phone. Sangoma provides solutions such as, Digital Fax via FAXStation, Team Hub collaboration platform, Video conferencing, and more to ensure that earnings are never limited by an inability to communicate.


A huge amount of what the financial services industry does is done on the road, whether it is a meeting with a client at a local restaurant or a presentation to potential investors across the country. However, business doesn’t stop when an agent leaves the office. Financial services professionals have to be reachable, wherever they are. Sangoma enables an unprecedented level of mobility with features such as Find Me – Follow Me, Desktop Softphone & Mobile Softphone, and Receptionist Console, making sure an agent’s ability to communicate is never hampered by their physical location.


Packaged Applications

Enhance Your Communications With Ready-To-Go Applications

Urgent Notification

The Urgent Notification Packaged Application allows Sangoma system administrators to send notifications regarding urgent calls to designated text and email endpoints. This emergency notification app comes in two editions, allowing you to only pay for the features you need. Use cases for healthcare include:

  • Facility Security Threats, Lockdowns & Crime
  • Severe Weather & Related Notifications
  • Building & Facility Closures
  • Internet, Phone, Or Other System Outages
  • Fire Drills & Evacuations

Curbside Service

Curbside Service allows businesses to offer streamlined, convenient, and safe customer service experiences. Keep business open and flowing with SMS text/web-based communications to facilitate online ordering and curbside pickup services.

  • Ready To Use “Out Of The Box”
  • Mobile Friendly – No Custom Apps Required
  • Easy SMS & Web Interactions
  • Flexible, Automated Workflow Supporting Multi-Member Teams

Employee Alerts

This employee notification system app allows Sangoma system administrators to send alerts via email and SMS text messaging to all employees or designated groups. Employee Alerts also allows administrators to track and request acknowledgement of receipt and encourages instant engagement from employees with actionable links or phone numbers. This Packaged Application is available in all of our bundles for Business Voice+. Use cases for healthcare include:

  • Office or Facility Closures & Delayed Openings
  • Alternate Work Schedules
  • COVID-19 Impact Information
  • HR Updates & Reminders
  • Last-minute Reminders

CRM Integration for Sangoma Notification Systems

The CRM Integration Packaged Application integrates Sangoma solutions with CRM platforms to support click-to-call, inbound screen pops, and call detail tracking features within your own CRM. Our CRM Integration Packaged Application can minimize manual data entry, enable real-time screen pops via CRM for incoming and outgoing calls, automatically log calls via CRM, and allow users to Click-to-Call contacts from CRM screens.
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