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Phone Systems for Automotive Dealerships

Switchvox delivers Unified Communications at an affordable price

Maintaining clear communications and excellent customer service within an automobile dealership can be a challenge. 

 With Switchvox Unified Communications (UC) system, auto dealers have access to a robust set of advanced features, such as call reporting, CRM integration, and mobile applications, that get important information to customers and employees faster and helps to ensure quality customer service at all times. 

See how Bill Penney Toyota used Switchvox to improve customer service and response time.

Streamline Sales & Service with Switchvox

See how Bill Penney Toyota used Switchvox to improve customer service and response time.


Manage Multiple Locations without the Hassle

Owning more than one location is an ever growing trend in the auto industry, and it is no easy feat. Switchvox helps to reduce the stress by combining communications from all of your dealerships into one location – and to save you money in the process. With its advanced peering capabilities, you can run the telephone lines, whether they are T1, PRI, or SIP, into one spot and eliminate the need for separate, expensive physical lines to each dealership. The Switchboard takes you one step farther by giving you a birds-eye view into every location and employee right from your desktop.

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Best Value in UC

Automobile dealerships are in a highly competitive, customer-centric market, so maintaining quality communications is essential, and sometimes expensive. But, with Switchvox, it doesn’t have to be. Named the Best Value in Unified Communications by leading industry analysts, Switchvox phone system for auto dealerships can give your dealership up to 70% cost savings on your monthly telephone costs. With its “all features included” pricing structure, you don’t have to worry about complex licensing models, hidden costs, or additional fees later on when more users are added.

Calculate your ROI right now by switching to Switchvox.

UC Features for All Dealership Employees

Switchvox is more then a simple phone system for the receptionist; it is a full Unified Communications solution with features that benefit all employees across the dealership.

Advanced call routing and queues allows for your Service Center calls to be delivered to the proper advisor with little or no human involvement.

Switchvox Softphone for iOS and Android allows your salespeople to keep personal information private by showing their work extension caller ID to customers while using their own Smartphones to talk.

The Switchboard allows the receptionist to have a call control interface on their desktop. This web-based call dashboard increases worker efficiency by allowing the receptionist to click-to-dial and transfer, and instant message anyone, regardless of location.

Robust reporting for all facets of the business. GMs can schedule reports to be automatically emailed to them to track marketing campaigns, the productivity of the sales team and the efficiency of the service department.

Intuitive admin interface is easy-to-use and requires zero scripting or coding. Its drop-down menus, customizable fields, and easily accessible manuals make the Switchvox GUI one of the simplest web-based interfaces in the industry.

Call recording enables receptionists to record important calls on the fly. If a call begins to escalate, is difficult to understand, or needs to be documented for future use, your receptionist can record the call with a simple mouse click.

Interoperability allows you to integrate Switchvox into your existing network. Need a slow rollout? Switchvox can integrate with older systems to ease the transition.

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