Take Your Deskphone With You

Available as an app on your smartphone or computer, softphones can be used as your main phone or as an extension of your desk phone. 

Some businesses use headsets plugged into their computers to minimize their desktop footprint. Others are using a blended approach with traditional desktop phones in the office and softphones for the remote workers. 

No matter your company’s situation, Sangoma has the right softphone options to meet your needs and help your business communicate more efficiently than ever before.


Remote Employees

Today’s modern workforce expects flexibility. Softphones have enabled companies to connect to remote employees in ways they never have before. Remote workers can now communicate with their coworkers and management as if they are right there in the office.

View the status of remote workers and know if they are available, out to lunch, or in a meeting. Remote employees can reach customers and respond to them more efficiently, which leads to a better reputation for the entire company. 

See how Clark’s Nutrition & Natural Foods enhanced customer service with mobility.

Softphone Feature Highlights

Remote Users Icon


Your status can change call rules and greetings while keeping coworkers updated.

Contacts Icon


Dial work extensions and personal contacts straight from the softphone app.

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See the status of the people you communicate with the most and easily send calls to their extension.



Communicate more effectively with one-to-one and group chat.

Sangoma's Softphone Options

Using Sangoma Switchvox Softphone on Laptop

Desktop Softphone

 A popular choice for today’s modern contact centers and road warriors, desktop softphones deliver the best UC features right at your fingertips. Chat with colleagues, check visual voicemail, change your presence, and much more. 

Desktop softphones are available for Mac and Windows operating systems and provide your users with the same powerful experience they expect from their desk phone – on their desktop or laptop computers.

Call To Action Smobility Softphone

Mobile Softphone

Take your company phone extension with you using a mobile softphone. Forward calls from the office, receive voicemail, and chat with coworkers. You can call your customers or clients through the app, and they will see your office phone number, not knowing that you are calling from your personal cell phone which allows you to maintain your privacy.

Available for iOS & Android, mobile softphones enable you to extend your communication.  

Need help deciding which softphone is right for you? We can help. 

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