SD-WAN Failover T1 Cards

Sangoma A104 SD-WAN failover T1 Cards

Create a Reliable Wan Failover Solution

Sangoma is the market leader in supporting reliable SD-WAN failover solutions for large retail organizations over a T1 / E1 internet connection. Sangoma’s world-class A-series T1 / E1 data cards have been dominating the market sector since 1984, being installed into appliances of large vendors and OEMs, supporting some of the largest Point-of-Sale (POS) T1 WAN failover solutions and data applications.

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A T1 Internet Connection is More Reliable Than a 4G LTE Connection

T1 Internet is a more reliable and stable source of bandwidth and is often accompanied by a service level agreement (SLA) that guarantees performance levels, and “up times” of 99.9 percent. T1 won’t compete with other Internet customers for bandwidth since it works through a dedicated circuit. You’ll have total access to bandwidth, and that means speed your business can count on.

Perfect for OEM Providers

OEMs love Sangoma’s WAN router solution because they can create an all-in-one WAN routing solution using their own hardware. By integrating Sangoma telephony cards into the same hardware can provide T1/E1 connectivity to transmit without worrying about hardware and/or software compatibility issues. Sangoma’s WAN router solution can be found in many of North America’s leading grocers, pharmacies and retail locations, delivering SD-WAN routing failover solutions.

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Sangoma’s SD-WAN failover and data cards support transfer rates from 1.544 Mbps to 32,800 Mbps of full duplex data. Our cards are powered  by a powerful driver and API suite providing support for WAN protocols such as CHDLC, Frame Relay, X.25, ATM, PPP, HDLC and MULTILINK.

Choose from 1 port of T1/E1 up to 16 ports all using only one (1) PCI or PCI Express slot.  They are 2U form factors and compatible in virtually all commercial grade hardware and Linux operating systems.

SD-WAN Failover T1 Card Benefits

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Highly Compatable

Compatible with virtually any commercial grade appliance and works with existing host system software via data card driver and API suite.

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Used as POS (Point-of-Sales) interface cards for retail environments

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Very Reliable

More reliable than a 4G failover solution for SD-WAN applications.

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Easy to Use

Managed using the same server tools and utilities that manage the rest of the network.

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Point of Sale

The Sangoma T1/E1 telephony cards read POS traffic transmitted between registers and store controllers, then filters the data before passing it to a host PC. The cards can be configured to read the loop data of most store POS systems. They are used throughout the Point-of-Sale industry for coupon printing, store promotion, security systems and for gathering sales and customer data.

Customer Support

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