Analog VoIP Gateways

Vega 4×4 Analog Gateways

Sangoma Vega 4x4 Analog GatewayTake advantage of the newest Voice over Internet (VoIP) technology by connecting legacy telephony equipment, such as private wire connections and other analog devices seamlessly to IP endpoints. Beneficial within the financial sector where Capital Market Traders still require human interaction with their customers, a Sangoma Vega 4×4 gateway seamlessly connects the two disparate technologies.

As technology moves forward with VoIP, some legacy infrastructures are left behind. The Vega 4×4 gateway connects a range of legacy telephony equipment, including PBXs, analog private wires, audio sources and the PSTN to SIP networks. The Vega 4×4 supports up to 16 analog ports on 16 physical interfaces. The chassis is designed to be built out by the systems integrator or OEM to individual requirements.

Four module slots are available for different module types, each with 4 ports, and can be populated in any configuration.

The module types available are:

Supports 4 Analog Interfaces:

Gateway Applications

Dealerboard Connectivity Icon

Dealerboard Connectivity

Connect dealerboards to legacy analog private wire connections.

Audio Integration Icon

Audio Integration

Bring audio sources, such as TV, into the SIP network.

Analog Integration Icon

Analog Integration

Connect multiple analog sources to SIP infrastructure.
Seamless Connectivity Icon

Seamless Connectivity

Connect worldwide private wires regardless of what’s at the other end.

Gateway Features

Interoperability Icon

Modular Design Supports Up to 16 Calls.

Flexible Media Support Icon

Voice, FAX and Modem Support.

Mixed Analog Support Icon
Supports FXO, FXS, Audio & GenGen.
VoIP Protection Icon

Ideal for Private Wire or Point-to-point Applications.

Advanced Routing Icon

Flexible Call Routing for Fallback & Least Cost Routing.

Interoperability Icon

Transparent Interop Between Analog & Digital Private Wires.

Gateway Specifications

VoIP Interface

Telephony Interface

LAN Interface


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